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Holistic Health Counseling &
Emotional Trigger Release

Holistic Health Counseling

There is more to good health than eating well and exercising. Relationships, spirituality, career, finances, leisure time, etc. affect what and how we eat.

I take a holistic approach to supporting the entire person. As a holistic health counselor, I help my clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes that are tailored to their individual needs. I am your supportive, personal wellness mentor. I will be there to coach, counsel, guide, encourage and support you every step of the way. In our sessions, I will hold a safe space for you and help you along on this beautiful journey to feeling amazing.

Emotional Trigger Release

All of us have memories of experiences in our childhood, even if we are not anymore aware of them. These experiences have emotional responses attached. In the body, these responses can be measured as neurochemicals and are called Information Substances.

To simplify: negative emotions as response to stress are stored in our cells and may interfere with normal processes in the body preventing well-being. Anger, grief, fear, worry, etc. can express seemingly out of the blue often letting us wonder why we reacted this way. Anything that reminds our subconscious mind of those past experiences can trigger an emotion, thus putting stress on the body.

Emotional Trigger Release is a powerful stress reduction and/or elimination process. It is ideal for someone who is uncomfortable or unable to talk about negative experiences but seeks relief in a different way than through drugs.

  • Emotional Trigger Release transforms unwanted, painful emotions to feelings of peace, comfort, and control from your first hour

  • An internal and confidential process, you do not have to share intimate or personal details of your experience.

  • Unwanted behaviors, fears, and feelings are quickly released in stages, replaced by intentional, powerful, dependable feelings stored in your hands and body

  • We help positive changes to occur naturally and permanently in your physical and emotional life


A healthier and happier life is just a session away.

Everyone Can Benefit

Health challenges come in many forms, expressions, symptoms, and variations. No two people are the same and though they may present the same symptoms, their journey of healing may look very different from each other.

To me, a diagnosis is not really important. Just because two people have diabetes, doesn’t mean their bodies have the same requirements. At b balanced, I treat each person as an individual and let their bodies show me where the most profound imbalance occurred. I then can help the body heal itself by removing stressors, restoring depleted nutrients and giving guidance for dietary and/or lifestyle changes. Each ‘remedy’ for the return to good health is 100% customized.

Most of my clients relate to the expression “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked.” I help pinpoint the weakest link and the correct approach to support the body’s innate self-healing mechanism.

There is no condition that cannot be improved. Think about it: Our bodies renew all the time and when we change the genetic expression by supporting the body with the best fuel there is (proper nutrients), remove toxins and emotional triggers, health can only get better. I help everybody who has the desire to improve their life and is willing to commit to the journey. I cannot predict how long it will take to heal; too many factors play a role in it.

However, I can predict that everybody will improve and feel better as long as they do their part by following the recommendations.

"I wasn't sure that seeing a nutritionist would help, but I decided to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did. In two sessions, Birgit solved a problem that has been bothering me for years! Her evaluation was extensive but not intrusive; and her testing was easy. 

I *thought* I was doing all the right things for a healthy diet, but it turns out, Birgit identified several common things I was eating regularly (chicken? corn? coconut?? -really???) that were causing problems with my particular body chemistry. Just avoiding those three items has made a world of difference in how I feel. Definitely recommend Birgit at b balanced!"


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