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This is a 20-minute session using Emotional Trigger Release. Whether we know it or not we store emotions in our cells.  This can lead to emotional & physical imbalances.  I use kinesiology to assess and restore balance through resetting the nervous system.  Clients regularly report feeling lighter, and a relief of stress and anxiety.


During this 30-minute session I will use kinesiology to assess how well your current pre-natal and vitamin regimen is preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy.  We will also look at foods that support you in feeling your best during pregnancy and can help prevent first trimester morning sickness. Supplements will be recommended if indicated.*

*This does not include the cost of supplements.


This includes two 60-minute sessions.  

Session one:

  • Complete assessment & evaluation including food sensitivities, environmental triggers, and toxins.

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Food list

  • Supplements if indicated*

Session two:

  • Explanation of findings from session one

  • Discussion about changes made, struggles, and experiences since the first session.

  • Re-evaluation


*This does not include the cost of supplements.

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